About Us

Salutations fellow adults! 

Here’s a little something about the crew of Cheers to Adulting


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Abby Rosmarin

Abby had a weird phase during her teenage years when she thought she was “so adult” because she did things like drive to get coffee or have a part-time job. Nowadays, Abby is doing her best to pretend she’s an adult (while clearly believing she isn’t). When not letting her imposter syndrome run amok, Abby is a registered yoga teacher, a writer (she has some books out; go buy them; with your money), and a retired model. When she isn’t doing any of that, Abby can be found hiking the mountains of New Hampshire or performing as an amateur silks aerialist (which she pulls off about as well as she pulls of adulting).
Catch her on instagram @thatabbyrose, or follow her blog at thatabbyrose.wordpress.com

Ashley Barajas

A Tex-Mexican transplant, moved to New England in 07′ after attending a intensive fine arts program studying Musical Theatre. Ashley decided to widen her horizons by studying Cultural Anthropology and graduated from Umass Boston then proceeded to not her use degree in all the jobs that followed. Ashley is a graduate from the improv program at Improv Asylum of Boston, occasionally does mediocre stand up comedy around New England, and dabbles in acting in comedy shows and a mini web series. When Ashley’s not cleaning toilets and ironing bedsheets for a living, she’s rock climbing, hiking or hanging out with friends day drinking and cuddling the friendliest cats known to man.



Video/Audio Production:

Patrick Blaskopf

A man of exquisite taste. Knows the workings of a camera like no other. Capable of a beautiful pan or tilt and just the right amount of pressure to apply to the “T” button to create the sweet sweet two shot. Edits? What edits? He crafts the video version of the podcast so well people mistake it for a renaissance video.
Other skills include:
Alcohol consumption
Distracting Cats
Ignoring wild tangents of Podcast Hosts